Conversion vans offer a luxurious way to hit the road without needing a major gas-guzzling RV that costs a fortune to operate. Instead, you get the best of both worlds, allowing you to visit some of the most beautiful natural areas in North America with all the comforts of home. To help narrow down your options, here is a look at the conversion vans that we love.  

Ram Promaster

The Promaster comes in different roof heights and lengths, allowing you to choose the best model for your budget and needs. It is the widest choice for conversions with a 159” wheelbase, so you’ll have the luxury of a full-sized mattress. Promaster’s are straightforward and comfortable to drive, and since it is a front-wheel-drive van, it makes it perfect for both fuel efficiency and safe travel in colder months where traction is a must. 

Considering the overall space and features, it is on the lower end price-wise, so you get more bang for your buck. However, if you aren’t looking for front-wheel drive, this isn’t the van for you. It is also not designed for off-road travel as it has limited low ground clearance.

Ford Transit

Ford Transit is newer to the van conversion scene. Many say it has the sleek look of its higher-end counterpart, the Mercedes Sprinter. So, if you want that luxury look for a lower price tag, this is the van for your conversion. It also offers three lengths and roof heights, making it roomier than a Sprinter. Newer models offer all-wheel drive if you prefer it. It was harder to find a van conversion service when they first came out. 

However, now that the vans have been on the market for a while, conversion experts have come up with excellent designs, so your high-roofed conversions are very affordable. Drivers love the maneuverability, but despite the roominess in height, you’ll find it is the narrowest of the vans available.

Mercedes Sprinter

The name tells you this is your luxury van conversion. However, this van has also been around the longest, so you can find older, used versions for less than you might think. It has a tall roof and with the option of three different lengths, making it the longest on the market. This is a big selling point as it means you can consider installing a toilet. Also, if you go off-road in your travels, you can choose a 4×4, which is typically unavailable in the other models. 

It tends to pale compared to its American competitors because it costs more upfront and even more when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Not only does this add to the cost of operation for these conversions, but if something does go wrong, your trip can be delayed waiting for parts to arrive.

Conversion Van Heating

When considering the best conversion van heating option Warm Waves in Floor Heating Systems produce radiant heat through the floor. As a result, they don’t use up what little space you have to work within your conversion. The heat is generated using infrared technology, making it both more comfortable and safer than driving around with a propane tank on board. In addition, the safe infrared system provides comfortable indirect heating without the need for ducts.

For more information on Warm Waves In Floor Heating Systems or to get a quote, click here.