Warm Waves is a UL Listed, state-of-the-art heating technology that creates comfortable and consistent in floor heat. Warm Waves includes no wires, coils or boilers, so it is extremely durable, long-lasting and safe.
• Powered by FAR infrared radiant heat technology
• Evenly heats the entire room or space
• Floor temperature controlled by a UL Listed Thermostat (sold separately)
• 120 or 240 volt pre-wired panels for easy connection
• 13 watts per square foot of energy-efficient radiant heat
• Extremely thin – 1/64”
• Simple and clean installation
• Ability to custom fit on site, if necessary
• Safe, UL approved, efficient, with no heat or electricity loss
• No moving parts or boilers
• Limited lifetime system warranty
Install Warm Waves In Floor Heat in your bathroom, kitchen, hallways, bedrooms, family rooms and any room you’d like to be warm and cozy. Use OJ Thermostats in each room to create an efficient zoned heating system.

Warm Waves is particularly effective at warming “cold spots” in your house, such as rooms with vaulted ceilings and concrete floors, or rooms that are adjacent to unheated spaces like garages.

Consult the Installation Manual for full information about installation and material requirements.
How does Warm Waves work? Learn more about FAR Infrared technology!
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A Warm Waves Infrared In-Floor Heating System can make every room comfy and cozy. Simply email us a drawing or floor plan for the space you would like to heat, and a draft in-floor heating plan, power calculation, and estimate will get the process started. Once approved, each room’s Warm Waves In-Floor Heating System will arrive clearly marked and ready for installation.

Feel free to give us a call to learn more at 877-309-9276 or email us at [email protected].