What is Warm Waves?

Warm Waves is an extremely durable and reliable heat film that converts electricity into far-infrared heat, creating a comfortable and evenly heated surface. Through “indirect” heating, every Warm Waves product generates a higher temperature than its surroundings and heats the room, object or space. Warm Waves is a UL certified, state-of-the-art technology.

Warm Waves can be installed underneath virtually any surface: hardwood floors, tile, marble, carpets and even concrete!




Use Warm Waves technology to:

  • Heat your entire house or commercial space with clean, even, efficient heat using our Infloor Heating System
  • Heat hard-to-warm spaces such as warehouses, homes with cathedral ceilings, structures on slabs, poorly insulated structures
  • Heat driveways, walkways and rooftops (to prevent ice and snow damage)

Incorporating three layers of terephthalate polyethylene, Mylar-like plastic film sandwiched together, Warm Waves’ middle layer contains an electric resistance element heater, which is surrounded by two to three copper strips. The top and bottom plastic film layers provide insulation for the heated middle layer. Throughout the film, electric currents flow into one copper strip, across the heater film, and out the other copper strip. The result is a clean, even heat across the entire surface.

Most floor heating solutions involve coils that can be punctured, ruptured and shorted easily and have to be removed completely to identify the compromised area. They also involve intermittent heat, leaving some areas out in the cold. Warm Waves film heats evenly across the entire surface.

Warm Waves is a cost effective and efficient heating solution for a wide variety of applications: bathrooms, under floors, carpet, concrete etc.

Performance Benefits

  • 20% to 30% more efficient than competitors
  • Controlled by any line voltage thermostat
  • Unlimited size of installation area