tiny_house_nation_stack_orange_finWarm Waves infloor heating film will be featured in several episodes of Tiny House Nation beginning October 15, 2016!

Tune in to the FYI Network to see this revolutionary new heating technology in action!


Warm Waves is a UL certified, state-of-the-art technology that creates comfortable and consistent heat. It is the most energy efficient way of providing this type of heating system, easy to install, reliable and extremely durable.

Most floor heating solutions involve coils that can be punctured, ruptured and shorted easily and have to be removed completely to identify the compromised area. They also involve intermittent heat, leaving some areas out in the cold. Warm Waves film heats evenly across the entire surface.

Warm Waves is a cost effective and efficient heating solution for a wide variety of applications: bathrooms, under floors, carpet, concrete etc.

Performance Benefits

  • 20% to 30% more efficient than competitors
  • Controlled by any line voltage thermostat
  • Unlimited size of installation area