Invisible Heat
Solution for
Tiny Houses
and Cabins

Designing primary heat systems for smaller living spaces has always been a challenge for manufacturers, architects and builders. Unlike other floor warming solutions, Warm Waves In Floor Heating System is powerful enough to act as primary heat in any structure.

Read about Warm Waves in this real-life example, “Surviving Winter in a Tiny Home.”

• Extremely thin (1/64″)
• 13 Watt film provides ample power for primary heat
• Does not require boilers or hydronic hoses, forced air ducts, furnaces or baseboard heat
• Controlled by a UL Listed thermostat
• Maintains efficient use of valuable living space in tiny houses or cabins.
How does Warm Waves work? Learn more about FAR Infrared technology!
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Tiny House Nation
Warm Waves In Floor Heating Systems have become the darling of the Tiny House industry, and have been featured on many episodes of Tiny House Nation.