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Warm Waves is the most advanced, efficient, elegant in floor heat solution for residential and commercial spaces, both interior and exterior.

High Tech Heat, Low Tech Install (TM)
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Minimize visual interruptions using out of sight, energy-efficient, in-floor radiant heating systems.  The design flexibility and superior comfort of radiant heat makes Warm Waves the perfect product for home and remodeling plans.

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Want to save time and installation labor costs while delivering the most up-to-date heating system available? Consider in-floor radiant heating mats for the easiest, most comfortable, and most cost-efficient system you can install.
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The ease of design and installation makes a Warm Waves system a natural for the do-it-yourself home, van, or shed owner wanting to create comfort and cost efficiency in their next project. We can walk you through the entire process.
Warm Waves is a UL 1683 certified, state-of-the-art heating technology that creates comfortable and consistent heat. It is the most energy-efficient way of providing in floor heat, is easy to install, reliable and extremely durable.

Use Warm Waves In Floor Heating under every floor for consistent, even, zoned heat controlled by thermostats. Warm Waves works well under tile, stone, laminate, engineered hardwood, vinyl and carpet. It can be used to heat bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, basements, condos, warehouses, RVs, cabins, tiny houses and even exterior spaces like porches and decks.

Warm Waves Kit
“We installed Warm Waves under the bluestone on our screened-in porch and love it! We live in Chicago, and now can use the porch all year long, even in winter.”
“I hate shoveling snow. With Warm Waves heating our walkway, I’ll never have to shovel snow again.”
“We started by putting Warm Waves in our bathroom. Now we have it in every room in the house.”
“I’ve installed a lot of floor warming products. Warm Waves was the quickest install I’ve ever had. And if the layout changes, you can cut it to fit. No other product provides that kind of flexibility.”
“We installed Warm Waves in the Paddle Tennis hut at our Country Club. Every day we see people laying on the floor because the heat feels so good on their backs. Warm Waves is a great solution.”
“We have a very small hall bath over the garage. The garage is unheated and the floor was almost frozen in the winter. I leave Warm Waves on all the time now and it’s the warmest room in the house. Our dog sleeps on the floor all day when we are at work.”
“A few months ago we took part of our back porch and framed in a small section for a mud room. I looked at the instructions for about two seconds and just installed Warm Waves. After I turned it on, it took about a half hour to feel the floor get warm. I left it on all night and the entire room was warm. The thermostat has all the programming you never need. After screwing around with it, it looks like it costs 10 cents a day to run it or something crazy cheap like that.”
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A Warm Waves Infrared In-Floor Heating System can make every room comfy and cozy. Simply email us a drawing or floor plan for the space you would like to heat, and a draft in-floor heating plan, power calculation, and estimate will get the process started. Once approved, each room’s Warm Waves In-Floor Heating System will arrive clearly marked and ready for installation.

Feel free to give us a call to learn more at 877-309-9276 or email us at [email protected].

Warm Waves Invisible Heat for Smaller Living Spaces

What is the most efficient solution for providing primary heat in small spaces like tiny houses, cabins or luxury RVs? Warm Waves In Floor Heat!

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