How Warm Waves Works

mom and daughterEvery object emits Infrared energy. When an object has a higher temperature than its surroundings, the infrared light it emits will warm nearby objects. This is also called “indirect” heating.

Far-infrared is the most efficient and healthy way to heat people and objects. As with the sun, Warm Waves film heats surfaces, which in turn heat floors, walls and the objects contained within a space. It uses only safe and known healthy ”invisible light” at wavelengths in the 7,500 to 10,000 nm (7.5 to 10 micrometer) region; this region in the spectrum is also called “Far- or Therapeutic infrared.”

Besides the immediate effect of warming the people in the space, Warm Waves far-infrared operates at a part of the spectrum that allows it to travel through the floor and heat other surfaces. So when doors or windows are open, the warmth does not escape, but stays in the floor and objects. Within seconds or minutes of closing the door or window, the space becomes warm again. Unlike with traditional heating, there are no transportation or “duct losses,” no conversion losses or air-flow losses. All stored energy can be used.

Since Warm Waves is able to store heat energy at night (and other times when the rates are lower) and release this energy during the day, it’s a very energy efficient and cost-effective solution.